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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fabulous Favors and Gifts from Fairy Finery

One of the goals we have here at The Gala Goose is to find quality favors and gifts for your children and their party guests. Beautiful, unique things you can feel good about giving your children. We feel that our new party goods from Fairy Finery fit that bill to a tee! Fairy Finery makes their costumes, accessories and gifts right here in the United States and is clear about their commitment to safety testing. I am excited to pass these gems on to our customers!

The adorable "Fairy and Me" tea set makes a special party favor. A sweet gift from the fairies! The tea pot can be worn on a necklace or bracelet, but who can't imagine their little fairy spending an afternoon simply playing tea party in the garden.

The Pirate Booty Bag, complete with cloth map, silver or gold studded eye-patch (this is no ordinary pirate eye-patch!) and working 10x telescope will definitely wow your little pirates. A sure winner with parents too, we haven't seen anything quite like this!

And finally, sweet posy wands for the flower fairies. We love these wands because they are not at all like the others! Just a lovely flower face when you want a break from the rest of the princess wands!


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